After finding a property you love, you’ll put in an offer and hope it is accepted. With luck, you’ll be closing on a new house soon. Part of the home-buying process is to have the home inspected. Hire an experienced, qualified home inspector to examine the house. A knowledgeable third-party will do a complete assessment of the property so you can feel good about your investment. Research your options for local home inspectors to hire someone who will provide you with accurate and thorough information.

Ask for Recommendations When Choosing a Qualified Home Inspector

When looking for a home inspector, ask friends or family who they recommend. Perhaps a co-worker just bought a house. Chat with them about their inspection experience. First-hand knowledge of an inspector’s work is a great way to decide if you’d like to hire them. Ask how much time the inspector spent on the property. Find out if the inspection report was easy to read and understand. Was the home inspector knowledgable and open to answering questions?

Ask your real estate agent which home inspectors he or she has worked with before. It’s not required that you use your agent’s recommendation, though. Finding a home inspector who you trust to provide accurate information is important.

The internet is a great resource for choosing an inspector. You can look at an inspector’s website for testimonials from past customers. See how other homebuyers rate an inspector and read their comments.

Visit the Inspection Company’s Website

If you have found an inspector you are thinking about hiring, take a look at their website. Inspectors will list their qualifications online. You can learn about the inspector’s background, experience, and any special qualifications they may have. Are you looking for an inspector who can also perform radon testing and sewer inspections? See what type of services they offer and make sure they have the training and skills to meet your needs.

Professional Organizations

Find out if the home inspector belongs to professional organizations. While not required, belonging to an organization has benefits. Often these groups offer ongoing training and they help inspectors keep their business practices up-to-date. The inspector’s website might list his or her professional affiliations and credentials received through them.

Talk to the Inspector When Choosing a Qualified Home Inspector

Contact the inspector you are considering hiring and have a conversation. Ask the inspector about pricing, availability, and what is included in the home inspection. You can even request a copy of a sample inspection report, so you’ll know what to expect after the inspection is complete.

Does the inspector use any special tools to provide a more detailed inspection report? Technologies like drones and infrared cameras are used by some home inspectors to enhance the information provided to the homebuyer.

In your search for a home inspector, find a professional who is qualified and experienced. It is important that the person inspecting your house has the necessary training and credentials to provide you with reliable information.

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