If you have so much stuff around your house that you have trouble finding things that you need, you would benefit from decluttering. It doesn’t take long for things to pile up, which can take up valuable space in your home. It can be overwhelming to start decluttering. Below are some tips to help you declutter your home.

Declutter Your Home One Room at a Time

You may have more than one room in your home filled with clutter, but if you tackle multiple rooms at once you are going to get overwhelmed. Finish decluttering one room and then move onto the next. Start with the most cluttered room in your home. It will take the longest to go through, but once it’s done you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and will be ready to move on to the next room.

Form Three Piles

Form three piles for things you want to keep, throw away, and donate. Get bins or trash bags to separate these piles. When deciding what goes into each pile, you’ll have to ask yourself some questions.

For the things you want to keep, ask yourself if you are going to use it in the future. Aside from holiday items, if you haven’t used or even looked at it in the past 6 months, then you probably aren’t going to miss it. If it’s still in good condition, you can place it in the donate pile. If anything is broken or has missing pieces, then it goes in the trash. There is no reason to hold onto something that can’t be used, unless it holds sentimental value.

Take Breaks When You Declutter Your Home

Once you start sorting your things, time is going to fly by. You may not realize how much until your stomach is growling or your back is sore from working. Take breaks so you don’t get too uncomfortable. Set a timer for an hour, and then take a 10-minute break once it goes off. Drink some water, have a snack, stretch, and then go back to working. Breaks will help you get through all your decluttering in one day.

Ask for Help

Decluttering your home is a big task, and you may not be able to make good decisions about what you should keep and what you shouldn’t. Asking a friend or family member to help with the process could be beneficial. Also, having someone else to assist could make it go by much faster.

Your home can easily get cluttered if you are not proactive about keeping things organized. If you don’t seem to have as much space as you used to and you can’t find what you need, it’s time to declutter your home.

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