Technological advances over the years have made most tasks more efficient and effective, and home inspections are no exception. With recent developments in drone technology, drones have become a more common tool in the home inspection industry. Drones in home inspections make the process of inspecting roofs safer, so the inspection report can be more thorough and complete. Here are a few major ways that drones make inspections better.

Drone Inspections are More Thorough

Your home’s exterior has many nooks and crannies, and without a drone, it’s possible to miss some of the finer details. With a drone, an inspector can observe all of those difficult-to-access places. Most drones can record footage, making it easier to reference points of concern. This allows homeowners to better understand the inspector’s findings. Without a drone, some areas of the roof may be so hard-to-reach and dangerous that they can’t be safely accessed and inspected.

Drones in Home Inspections are More Efficient

Even on a relatively safe roof, an inspector has to be cautious and careful. Rushing this process may cause injury or an incomplete inspection. A drone flies through the air, so it can cover a broader area more quickly than a person with a ladder, and it is not slowed down by a steep or dangerous slope.

An Overview of the Property

A drone comes in handy for inspecting more than just the roof. For larger properties, it is a bonus to receive an overview of the entire property. This way, you can see the condition of out-buildings from above, notable landscape features, and the placement of trees, and shrubs, and neighbors. A drone can take aerial images and videos of the whole property which can be included in the inspection report. If you are purchasing a rural property that spans many acres, you should hire an inspector who uses a drone.

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