Making a large investment can be one of the most stressful milestones in your life, especially if the investment is purchasing a house. Part of making a successful home purchase is having an inspection performed before closing. The following are 5 issues found in home inspections.

Issues Found in Home Inspections From Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common issues found in home inspections. Moisture weakens walls, ceilings, and support beams and causes mold to grow. Home inspectors look for discolorations around the house, damp spots in basements and crawlspaces, rotting construction materials, and signs of plumbing leaks to identify water damage.

Wiring Problems

While more often found in older homes, electrical problems put any house at risk for a fire. Damages come in the form of rust, exposed wires, pest damage, and loose connections. Inspectors check the grounding, breaker box, outlets, and fixtures to determine if the electrical system is safe.

Roofing Issues Found in Home Inspections

Discovering problems with a roof often requires a professional. Failure to repair roofing issues could lead to major home damage. Inspections include looking for missing or broken shingles, insulation issues, damaged flashing, and problems with the gutters. Some inspectors have access to specialized drone technology that enables them to complete more thorough roof assessments.

Foundation Damage

Foundation problems can be easy or difficult to spot and are usually expensive to fix. Doors or windows that stick, sloping floors, and cracks along the walls are all signs of complications. Foundation damage is one of the more serious problems to find in a home inspection report.

Areas of Disrepair

Even if there are no severe problems with the major components of the home, it is common to find areas of disrepair in a home inspection. Problems that fall into this category include cracked driveways, old carpets, and chipped paint. While these repairs are usually simple, they will affect the inspection report. Often these issues are cosmetic and won’t prompt renegotiations.

Before you sell your home, have an inspector help you determine what requires repairs or replacement by scheduling a pre-listing inspection. Issues found in home inspections can be costly to repair, but it may pay off to take care of them before your buyer has an inspection.

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