Deck safety is important for everyone, especially for children and pets. Creating a space where your kids and animals can enjoy the outdoors safely helps the entire family relax on the deck. It should be a top priority to make your deck safe.

How to Make Your Deck Safe

The key to making your deck safe is awareness. Spot areas on the deck that could lead to future injuries to keep your pets and kids safe. Here are three ways to make your deck a safe place that adds peace of mind to your outdoor family activities.

Use Safety Gates

Put up safety gates to provide your children and pets with a place to play while keeping them from falling down the stairs. By limiting access to areas outside of your deck, you add protection from other hazards. Safety gates also prevent kids and pets from wandering off the deck and getting lost.

Install or Repair Deck Materials

Replacing railings or slats that have been damaged over time decreases the chances of accidents. Installation of new slats and rails reinforces the strength of your deck. The distance of each slat should be measured. Children and pets can get stuck in between the slats, so check that the distance between each slat is no more than 3 inches. Depending on the size of your deck, reducing the distance between each slat may be an overwhelming project. Luckily, safety mesh or Plexiglass is the next best solution. It is a relatively inexpensive, effective way to safeguard your children and animals from slipping through or getting stuck in between the slats of your deck.

Remove Safety Hazards to Make Your Deck Safe

Several safety hazards should be eliminated from your deck. If the furniture is too close to railings, then it could just be a disaster waiting to happen. Move furniture away from railings to prevent kids from using it to climb over the railings. Tools and utensils for the grill can also be tempting for kids and pets to play with, which can also cause injury. Many plants are toxic if ingested and some cause irritation if touched. Research the plants kept on your deck to make sure they are safe.

Providing children with security and safety is the number one priority of every parent. By using security gates, repairing damaged materials, and clearing your deck of hazards, you keep your deck safe for kids and pets.

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