A pre-listing inspection helps home sellers before they place their home on the market. In addition to quickening the sale, you can avoid renegotiation, price the home properly, and reduce stress. If you are planning to sell your home this spring, now is the time to order a pre-listing home inspection.

1. A Pre-listing Home Inspection Gives You Time to Make Repairs

The inspection may uncover some problems that you should address before listing the house. You can make repairs and have another inspection before listing to let the buyers know of the pristine condition.

Without a pre-listing home inspection, you will not find problems until the buyer’s inspection, which can potentially impact the sale. Along with the general inspection of mechanical and structural items, the inspector may discover issues like water damage or high radon levels, which could come as a surprise at a critical time in the transaction.

2. Speeds Up the Sales Process

A home buyer with access to your pre-listing inspection may be more confident in making an offer. No one wants to buy a house that has problems. With a pre-listing home inspection, you can prove that the house is in great shape and worth the purchase price you have set.

In case there are issues, you can be honest about them and indicate that the price reflects those issues. Real estate agents normally advise repairing major issues before listing the home. By solving all the issues in the house, you can promote your home to a buyer as being free from major problems.

3. Proper Home Pricing

The list price for a house is one of the essential parts of the sales process. If a house is too expensive, you won’t find a buyer. If it is too cheap, you might not make a return on your investment. But how do you price something when you are unaware of the condition? With a pre-listing home inspection, you will understand all the negative and positive aspects of a home, helping you to price it properly. If there are previous upgrades that add value to your home, you can set the price higher.

4. Reduces the Home Selling Stress

By conducting a pre-listing home inspection, you can minimize the stress associated with the sale. Homeowners are often worried about issues in the house that can interfere with a sale. But a pre-listing inspection identifies any problems and gives you the chance to address them. You can also organize the inspection according to your schedule and be at the inspection, unlike the buyer’s inspection.

5. Eliminates Renegotiation

If the buyer discovers problems in the house after conducting their inspection, they could rescind the offer. It could be hard to win the buyer over after a surprise discovery, and he or she will have the upper hand. They might change their mind about buying the house or demand expensive fixes within a tight timeline. They might also reduce their offer price.

You can avoid all these unfortunate circumstances by preparing your home for sale with a pre-listing home inspection.

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