Selling Your Home this Spring? Staging Your Home Can Make All the Difference

If you are putting your home on the real estate market this spring, it’s important that you properly stage it to get the most prospective buyers and the best asking price. Here are a few tips for staging your home successfully:

Increase Curb Appeal

Your home should look great from the curb in order to get the most buyers in the door. Although most home sellers think that the inside is the most important thing to work on, the outside is just as important. Here are a few ways you can boost the curb appeal of your home:

  • Install new house numbers
  • Power wash the walkways and siding
  • Mow and reseed the lawn
  • Wash the windows
  • Plant flowers
  • Repaint the front porch

Make Your Porch Space Feel More Inviting

One of the best areas of your home to focus on improving is the first place home buyers see – the front porch area. You can do this simply by laying down a welcome mat, sweeping off the porch, buying new porch furniture, adding plants, and putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. You may also want to consider leaving your porch lights on at night in case potential home buyers want to drive by and take a quick glance before touring your home.

Clean Your Home

Before showing your home to potential buyers, it’s important that you properly clean your home and make the surfaces look squeaky clean. This is certainly the easiest thing you can do when staging your home and shouldn’t take up too much time either. However, if you have a particularly large home, it’s worth hiring a professional cleaning crew before the showing or open house.

Declutter Your Home

When cleaning your home, it’s also just as important to declutter your living spaces. Although this may not be the easiest thing to do if you have a lot of stuff and limited storage, it’s worth moving any excess items to a nearby storage unit to keep them from cluttering your space. Also clean off the floors, cupboards, and closets to leave potential buyers with a good impression that the home is functional.

Know the Balance Between a Clean Home and One That’s Being Occupied

Although it’s important to clean your home and get rid of unnecessary clutter, it’s also important for a home to still appear occupied. Put out some fresh flowers, leave a basket of fruit on the kitchen counter, and make sure the fridge is cleaned but stocked, especially if you still live there. You want potential buyers to feel comfortable and imagine themselves living there, so don’t display anything that they can’t relate to, like your own family photos.

Select Sophisticated Neutrals

When it comes to choosing interior paint colors, furniture, décor, or anything else in your home, stick with upscale neutral colors. Though you may love that bright orange accent wall, prospective buyers may not. When you use neutral colors, you are essentially creating a blank canvas for buyers to envision their belongings and living their lives. Plus, choosing neutrals doesn’t just mean white. Consider using rich mid-tone neutral colors like mocha, taupe, or soft beige to warm up your space.

Inspect the Floors

When staging your home, remember to clean all of your floors. This means sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and steam cleaning carpets. If you have hardwood floors that are starting to look a little dingy, consider getting them refinished. If you don’t want to spend the money getting work done, a few strategically placed area rugs can do the trick.

Remove Pet Odors

Because you are in your home all the time, you probably don’t notice the smells of your dogs or cats. However, other people definitely will notice the odor and it may turn them off completely. If you have pets, vacuum the floors and upholstery, steam-clean any rugs, and wipe down surfaces. If you have a cat, you should invest in a covered litter box and make sure to clean it and move it out of sight before any prospective buyers come by.

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